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ANICA Virtual Workshop


The ANICA consortium held the “Workshop on the Development of Efficient CO2 Capture Technologies for Cement and Lime Industries” held on the 6th of October 2021, from 9:00 to 12:45 CEST (UTC +2).

This workshop was organized as an online event featuring speakers from research and industry. The participants had the chance to learn about current endeavours of decarbonizing lime and cement plants.

Furthermore, the workshop featured an exclusive virtual tour to the 300 kWth pilot plant at TUDA, including an insightful presentation of the technical details and the upgrades that are being carried out within the ANICA Project.

Each session featured an exclusive Q&A session, where the participants had the chance to ask their questions to all speakers.

Recording of the Workshop

You can watch the full workshop here.

Introduction and Session 1

Session 2 and Concluding Remarks


Welcome and Introduction
J. Ströhle — Technical University of Darmstadt

Integration of the IHCaL Process into Lime Plants
M. Greco Coppi — Technical University of Darmstadt

IHCaL Pilot Testing at the TU Darmstadt: Presentation and Virtual Tour
C. Hofmann — Technical University of Darmstadt

Integration of the IHCaL Process into Cement Plants
V. Erfurt — VDZ gGmbH

Experimental Characterization of Cement Raw Meal for Application in the
IHCal Process

K. Böge — Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg

Integration of the Direct Separation into the IHCaL Process
T. Hills — Calix Limited

The Cement Industry; from Being a Problem to Be Part of the Solution – The
Brevik CCS Project

P. Brevik — Norcem AS

Integrated Calcium Looping Technology for the Cement Industry and Status of
CLEANKER Pilot Plant

F. Magli — Buzzi-Unicem S.p.A.

LEILAC: Scaling Up Low-Carbon Solutions
S. Thomsen — Calix Limited

Progress of the AC2OCem Project in Accelerating the Decarbonization of the
Cement Sector
C. Kroumian — University of Stuttgart

Concluding Remarks
J. Ströhle — Technical University of Darmstadt

Workshop Flyer

Questions/ Contact

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.