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VDZ is an internationally renowned scientific institute that focuses on practical research and providing a comprehensive service offer in the field of cement and concrete. Currently 19 German cement companies with 49 plants and around 7900 employees are ordinary members of VDZ. Moreover five national and 27 international cement and cement related companies and associations belong to VDZ as extraordinary members. Firmly rooted in the cement industry, VDZ has contributed to energy- and resource-efficient cement production for more than 135 years. VDZ is particularly focused on the performance of cement and its high-quality application in mortar and concrete. VDZ’s five departments of cement chemistry, concrete technology, environment and plant engineering, environmental measuring technology and quality assurance / analysis cover all areas of cement production and application. 190 employees work for VDZ in the Research Institute of the Cement Industry located in Duesseldorf, Germany. VDZ’s competence is based on the extensive internal research activities of its interdisciplinary team, which reflect the latest science and technology. Besides the national and international research activities VDZ offers services along the value chain of cement and concrete production. VDZ’s customers include cement and building material producers as well as construction companies and building administrations in Europe and increasingly throughout the world. VDZ provides solutions for improving efficiency and reducing costs as well as competitive measures to improve environmental protection, durability or quality assurance. VDZ answers questions on cement production, chemistry and mineralogy, concrete and mortar production, environmental issues and the increasingly important areas of knowledge management and training.