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Lhoist Germany Rheinkalk GmbH (LGE)

LGE is a subsidiary of the Belgian Lhoist group that employs around 6.000 permanent staff in 25 countries and is the world leading supplier of high quality lime, dolime and minerals. The company is specialised in the exploration, mining and refinement of limestone, dolomite and related products. Thanks to its Corporate Business & Innovation Center (BIC) in Nivelles, Belgium, Lhoist has developed a vast experience in material characterization as well as the development of new products and processes.
More than 50 researchers work in close collaboration with the regional Application & System Development teams to develop new products for a broad range of applications, particularly with respect to the development of products and processes to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Lhoist also developed special test procedures to evaluate the hardness and the CO2 uptake of various sorbents in the frame of carbonate looping.
LGE will contribute by providing limestones as raw material for the IHCal-process and determining the chemical and physical properties of the ‘burnt material’ from the IHCal-process with respect to its quality and potential utilization in different fields of lime applications. LGE also contributes in developing concepts to integrate the IHCaL process with heat pipes into a reference lime plant.