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Calix Europe Limited (CALIX)

Calix EU is the wholly owned subsidiary of Calix Limited (Australia). Calix is a minerals processing SME, and brings ten years of development of its core technology for CO2 capture. It has an operating plant at Bacchus Marsh in Australia that demonstrates CO2 capture, and that plant produces very high surface are minerals for a variety of applications, including CO2 sorbent production. Calix EU has been engaged in CO2 capture technology developments for the past four years. It was a partner in the ASCENT project to develop sorbents for high temperature solids looping; it has developed reactor systems for using such sorbents through funding from DECC in its CCS Competition; and it leads and coordinates the project LEILAC for direct capture of the process CO2 for lime and cement using its core reactor technology. The ACT-ANICA project is complementary to LEILAC, through delivery of a capture process for combustion CO2 emissions.